The Bible instructs us to take care of God's Temples (our bodies). Helping people achieve their optimal health and total wellness for body, soul and Spirit is the heartfelt passion of Fostering Hopes and Dreams.

Here are some of the services offered to fulfill our Mission Statement.  All programs are offered at the Lakeside Prayer cabin.   Cooking classes, lectures, and nutritional consultations and kitchen makeovers are also available at businesses or private homes.


Spend two and one half days becoming “immersed” in how to achieve healing for body, soul, and Spirit.   Immersion attendees will learn how to achieve healing for their physical bodies through the knowledge of how certain foods promote health while others encourage or stimulate disease. They will also learn how the soul (our mind, will and emotions) effects our health and how we can make changes to the way we think, act, and feel that will create a healthier life.  Most importantly,  attendees will study how the Bible instructs us walk in a Spirit filled life.  Six healthful meals are included in the weekend and will be prepared with the assistance of the attendees, giving them practical “hands-on” experience and the confidence to recreate this eating program when they return home.  DVD’s, videos, and lectures will be shown and conducted by well-known  and reputable people from each of the areas mentioned above.  Lodging and daily hikes at the Lakeside cabin are included in the weekend.  You will return home a new person!

$ 475/person



Get away for a day of experiencing greater wellness through spiritual and physical food.   Spend eight (8) hours at the lakeside prayer cabin learning how to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods into your daily diets.  Tips for how to and prepare easy, quick, delicious, and inexpensive meals will be shared along with delicious health promoting recipes.  A delicious meal will be prepared by attendees and enjoyed on the patio overlooking the lake.  

$ 99/person: includes, cooking instruction, food, use of gourmet kitchen, recipes and fabulous relaxing views!



You are constantly being bombarded with conflicting information about nutrition; which foods are healthful and which foods are not, eat this and don't eat that.  Who do we believe and what information is purely marketing?  Fostering Hopes and Dreams offers several different lectures designed to give you “scientifically” based and factual information to help navigate the world of healthful eating. Here are some of the available topics:

  • Label Reading; what do all those numbers mean the nutritional labels and can we believe them?
  • Fast, Easy and Nutritious Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners
  • How to Eat Healthy on a Budget
  • Protein; what is a protein, actual daily needs, and best sources
  • Carbohydrates; what is a carb and what is it purpose
  • Fats/Oils; learn the true “skinny” on fats; purpose, types, best sources and necessary amounts
  • Plant Based Diets; are they healthy, do you get all of your nutrients?
  • How to Get Children to eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

(Fees for lectures at your location depend on topic of chose and how many people will be attending.)



Meet with Gerrie Adams to discuss your personal health goals; weight loss, reversal of diseases , or just taking your health to the next level.  Meetings may be on the phone, emails or in person.  (See Bio page for Gerrie’s qualifications and experience).  Cost will be determined on an individual basis and commensurate with the services rendered.



One-day or weekend programs for foster and orphan children and young adult are available at the lake-side cabin.  Attendees will receive training on total wellness for body, soul and spirit as well as take part in physical activities, i.e., hiking, swimming, and kayaking.  The weekend is designed to bring an understanding and belief to attendees of how loved and special they are in the site of God.  All will leave with a confidence that they are not defined by their past and that all things are possible in the future with God!

Contact Fostering Hopes and Dreams for more information and pricing.